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Burbank Pediatric Wellness Check-Ups

Dr. Talat Saifee is a board certified pediatrician in Burbank who skillfully provides a thorough physical examination every time. She has been keeping children healthy and happy for 30 years. Dr. Saifee specializes in pediatrics and adolescent medicine. Her priority is to keep all her patients safe and healthy with every checkup. After three decades of caring for kids she understands the importance of every visit. With the changing seasons, she provides kids everything they may need. From proper sports physicals for athletes to flu shots, she is here to help!

Whether you think your child has a small or major health issue, Dr. Saifee is experienced and knowledgeable in her field.

Wellness check-ups are important for several reasons. It is important to take charge of your child’s health in order to prevent or to catch diseases early. These check-ups are here to help with any serious health conditions that may develop later in life. There are several different ways to stay healthy and current with your health, including setting up a wellness check-up at least once a year. Regular check-ups and screenings from a healthcare professional, such as Dr. Saifee, is important to help regulate anything or to simply ensure you are in tip-top health. Dr. Saifee and her team extend their services to infants and adolescents – newborns to those 20 years of age. Whether it’s counseling for sexually active teens or standard vaccines and screenings, our healthcare staff is here to help your child with anything they may need.

Wellness services offered:

  • Annual Child Examination
  • Immunizations / Vaccines
  • Blood Tests
  • Complete Physicals with Hearing and Vision
  • Drug Screening
  • Sports Physicals
  • Counseling for Sexually Active Teens