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Same-Day Doctor Appointment in Burbank

Dr. Talat Saifee is a board certified pediatrician in Burbank who provides patients with same-day office visits. Along with her staff members, she is capable of helping patients with a variety of health concerns. In our office we check vital signs and provide a complete physical examination. Our doctors are always on call for emergency questions. We also have hospital privileges at St. Joseph’s hospital. Scheduling an appointment with us is a breeze! To further assist a variety of clients, we accept almost all insurance plans. We will also gladly accommodate cash paying patients.

Regardless of the reason behind your health concerns, our mission is to help get your child back to good health. If you need a same day appointment please call us right away!

Dr. Saifee has provided countless children with exceptional healthcare for 30 years.

She specializes in pediatrics and adolescent medicine and accepts visits from newborns and those up to 20 years of age. Along with her team, she offers same-day sick visits to make sure your sick kids receive the proper treatment they need. Our goal is to help your children feel better again. We always have openings for sick patients, so do not hesitate to call us. One of our staff members will gladly book an appointment for you. For those who need same-day assistance, we can also accommodate you without any hassle! If you want your child to be seen the same day simply call our office early.